Oddrop Drinks Podcast

Ancient Egyptian Beer

June 18, 2018

We’re interrupting our series break to bring you a very special episode of the Oddrop Drinks Podcast. We hear from a team of women who have spent the last few months researching and recreating a 5,000-year-old beer from Ancient Egypt. Part of the Pleasant Vices YouTube series, they’ve been working closely with the British Museum to reproduce this ancient boozy beverage.  

Our fantastic guests in this episode are:

Tasha Marks – food historian and founder at AVM Curiosities

Michaela Charles – brewer at AlphaBeta Brewery 

Susan Boyle – drinks specialist/consultant, performer of A Wine Goose Chase and brewer at Two Sisters Brewery

For more information on this amazing brew, read Tasha’s blog on the British Museum website and watch the Pleasant Vices series on YouTube.

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